Webinar – SOLAR PV RECYCLING IN INDIA, 30th November 2018.

Webinar – SOLAR PV RECYCLING IN INDIA, 30th November, 2018, Time 3.30pm IST

Webinar Content and Description

Solar sector in India has grown rapidly in the last five years. Total installed solar capacity has crossed the 25 GW mark and is expected to reachh 45 GW by end 2020. While installed capacities are on a rise, there is a lack of clarity on end of life treatment of solar systems in India.

As per preliminary estimates, solar PV waste in India is estimated to amound to 8-14 million tonnes by 2050, increasing its share in global PV-waste from 1-2% at present to 12-17% in 2050. At present, majority of central and state government solar tenders require solar power developers to adhere to E-Waste (Management) Rules and Hazardous and Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules for waste disposal. Disappointingly, these rules do not specify any procedure for collection and recycling of solar PV waste specifically. This poses a serious concern about treatment of PV waste in India.

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Key points to be covered are:

1. Quantum of PV waste, associated technical challenges and market developments in recycling space.
2. Suo motu initiatives taken by market players including module manufacturers and project developers.
3. Existing policy and regulatory framework, and technical specifications in solar tenders.
4. Need for more innovative and environmentally sustainable products.
5. Way forward.

Speaker Vivek Chaturvedi, Regional Business Director – Solar, DSM India, Middle East & Africa

Dr. Ing. Anil Kottantharayil, National Centre for Photovolatic Research and Education (NCPRE)

Rohit Kumar, Head of Indian Subcontinent of REC Solar & Director of REC India

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