Fastest e-vehicle charger launch by ABB.

By operating at powers of up to 350 kilowatts, the newest model from ABB, Terra High Power charger, adds up to 200 kilometers of range to an electric vehicle in just 8 minutes. The new charger is ideally suited for use at highway rest stops and petrol stations.
The AC wallbox for everyone’s needs :-
The EVLunic AC wallbox provides a high quality yet cost effective electric car charging point. The convenient way to charge the car while you are doing something else. The charger is contained in its own enclosure that can be either wall or pole mounted. You have the choice between 52 different product variations to meet your specific needs. Experience the high quality and efficient solutions of the EVLunic charging portfolio.

Main benefits

  • Easy installation – saves time
  • Compact design – saves space
  • High quality – more reliability
  • DC leakage included – saves extra devices

Main features

  • 4.6 KW – 22 KW charging power
  • Sealed electronics compartment
  • Range of installation options

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Online survey – ‘Electric Mobility’ by 2030

 ‘Electric Mobility’ by 2030  – India has set its foot on the path to ‘Electric Mobility’ by 2030 and there have been many initiatives taken by the central and the state governments to promote Electric Vehicles. Like Maharashtra Government, Gujrat Government etc..

In line with the Government of India’s vision of achieving 100 percent e-mobility by 2030, National E-Mobility Program has been launched in the country. The program is aimed at providing impetus to the entire e-mobility ecosystem, including the vehicle manufacturers, charging infrastructure companies, fleet operators, and service providers.
–  Gujarat EVs Scheme – Battery Operated Vehicle (BOV) Program 17-18 for five cities (Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Vdodara, Rajkot, Surat & their Urban Development Area) – Click Here
This transition to ‘Electric Mobility’ will significantly be driven by YOU as a private vehicle owner. Your perceptions, beliefs and vehicle choices will play a significant role in aiding the future decisions that India takes towards this venture.
In the light of this, as a part of her masters research, Harsimran (an M.Tech student from TERI currently interning with Shakti Foundation) invites you to participate in this online survey – Click Here for Online Survey
The data collected would provide useful information on the Electric Vehicle (EV) debate in our country today, and help inform future efforts in this field.  All responses, including any personal information you provide, will be kept strictly confidential.