SUNPEDAL ~ ‘Ride To Raise Solar Awareness in India.

sunpedalSUNPEDAL ~ ‘Ride To Raise Solar Awareness in India.

The Solar Bicycle will be a great example to showcase the application and potential of solar energy and the ride is to unite and educate people over a cause which will dominate the future energy needs.

About Sunpedal Ride :-

It’s a historical ride of 2 IITians ~ Mr. Sushil Reddy(alumnus) and Mr.  Rajendra Bhaskar(student) from Energy Science Department of IIT Bombay.  Its a journey of 79 days, 7513 kms on the solar electric bicycle including more than 25 solar awareness sessions.

The solar electric bicycle contain 240 watts of solar panels on a trailer attached to the bicycle. 250 watt pear hub motor, 48v lithium Ion battery. The average speed on flats is 20 kms/hr. Average 25 kms on a single charge.

About Route  :- 
  •  The route was chosen and planned considering maximum sunshine, favourable terrain, weather and safety for cyclists.
  • A support team helped in planning the route & often be stopped by onlookers who wondered what he was doing.

During solar awareness sessions just explaining the benefits wasn’t enough, thought Sushil, who then would explain a financial model so others could install a solar panel at home. “I would talk about a financial model – Build-Operate-Transfer — which can be adopted by a common man to generate solar energy. The monthly electricity bills go down once one opts for solar panels.

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