Did you know Roof top solar System opportunity and guideline for how much pay to install rooftop solar system.

As we know The future is bright for  Rooftop Solar Technology. A technology fills a significant need in supplying electricity, creating local jobs and promoting economic development in rural areas, let’s we look forward to understand opportunity in this sector.

“Convert Today’s innovative opportunity into Tomorrow’s sustainable future.”

  1. Invent Solar products or sell (As a distributor)
  2. Develop solar projects, Became a skill development institute or became EPC Players..!!
  3. Provide best services, Became a placement consultancy or financial adviser or consultancy.
  4. Huge demand of Energy auditor or Data analyst..
  5. Integrated approach for Nature inspired Eco village by developing innovative tools and product for farmers by using solar energy for agriculture application.

How much pay to install rooftop solar system Or why price is different? – Four reasons why solar prices can vary,

  1. The equipment used in your system,
  2. How you finance your installation,
  3. The installer who you select.
  4. Are you preferred New technology.
  5. How much electricity do you use?
  • The equipment used in your system :- It’s depends on your budget and your priorities. You can install low-cost, lower-efficiency Economy solar panels, mid-range Standard solar panels, or high-performance Premium panels (with a price tag to match). The equipment you select will affect both on your system’s performance and your total solar costs.
  • Solar Financing – Very important point, as per selection you choose will have a significant impact on your savings. There are three different mode available to finance your solar system installation:
  1. you can purchase your system via cash or check payment,
  2. You can take out a solar loan,
  3. sign a lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) with a third party.
  • Installation Company :- There are many EPC companies installing solar across your area. You can choose a “small, locally-based installer or a national-scale installer” for your solar energy project. Each option has distinct advantages:
  1. MNRE Approved installers can give you an off-the-shelf package and are more likely to offer leases and PPAs.
  2. while local installers offer more personalized service and are often priced more competitively.
  • Are you preferred New technology :- Just like mobile phone, in solar energy system technology will updates.. it’s depends on what you preferred?
  • How much electricity do you use :- The price is depends on electricity usage, if we used more energy efficient technology, less power consumption & there for system size also reduced.
  • The cost of solar system also depends on where you live and how much electricity you use.

Note – Be careful while you  looking forward for installing solar system.

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